UK Universities Lose Lead against Asian Competitors

Times Higher Education (THE) 100 Under 50 Rankings has been finally released.  The rankings saw an interesting tipping over of some UK institutions.  In place of these lost posts are several Asian institutions. UK no longer leads as the “best represented country” – the recent ranking revealed.  … [Read more...]

Better Job Prospects for Year 2014 Graduates

Finally, the month of February is showing some love to the graduating class of 2014.  This “love” comes in the form of prospects, job prospects to be exact.  Word had spread that this year’s job prospects have soared a bit higher, taking aim for more graduates. The poll has been conducted by the … [Read more...]

Underemployment Trend: the Plight of UK’s Graduates

Figures that make up the latest labour market data represent two sides of a coin. The first sounded like a happy tale: there’s the increase of employment digits and the decrease in unemployment and youth unemployment rates. The other side is dismal, particularly for UK’s new graduates. … [Read more...]

Basic Skills are Lacking in School Leavers

Estimates made by business leaders peg at a minimum of 40% the percentage of employers who need to give their own remedial training in English, maths and computing to new hires because teenagers have been struggling to function in their jobs. Passing examinations have been given too much emphasis by … [Read more...]

One in Every Three Jobs Taken by Graduates are Non-Professional; Statistics Confirm Degree Still One Best Way to Employment

A recent Statistical First Release from the Higher Education Statistics Agency show that in 2011-12, more than one third of new graduates working in the UK took on non-professional jobs within six months after graduation. But for universtiy think tank million+ chairman Prof Michael Gunn, the numbers … [Read more...]

Far East Countries Best UK for Top Spots in the Under 50 Years Universities Table

Among UK universities, only one has made it to the top 10 of 100 universities under 50 years old of the Times Higher Education magazine world rankings. The number means a decrease from last year, when three made it. University of York is ranked No. 7. The new league table of relatively new … [Read more...]

Ofsted Tells Schools to Push Pupils for Entry into Leading Universities

The education watchdog is set to publish two landmark reports next month to tackle important issues in secondary education. This move is part of initiatives designed to prevent gifted children between the age of 11 and 16 from underperforming, following an Ofsted inquiry which found that state … [Read more...]

Limits on Admitting Top Students Relaxed, Universities to Compete in Recruiting Them

Limits on Admitting Top Students Relaxed, Universities to Compete in Recruiting Them

Being a top student certainly has its advantages, including better chances for receiving an offer at their preferred courses and universities. Starting this autumn, universities will be free to admit as many students with A-level grades of ABB or higher as they wish. This will create an … [Read more...]

Offa Instructs 14 Universities to Increase Ratio of Male to Female Admissions

Offa Instructs 14 Universities to Increase Ratio of Male to Female Admissions

The Office for Fair Access have made an agreement with 14 universities to increase the ratio of male to female enrollees as part of their requirement as institutions which charge not less than £6,000 per year on tuition fees. The move is in connection with the alarming decrease of the percentage of … [Read more...]

Going to University is Still the Best Means to be Successful in Career

The changing times may have resulted in university degrees not being enough to secure a fulfilling career or a job itself for a graduate. However, the academe has coped with the shifting requirements of the job market thereby making formal education still the best means of achieving success in … [Read more...]