University Application: What to Do If You Have Bad Grades

Results day will be next week, 13 August 2015. A levels and school is through and you are left with no choice but to wait for your results. Some students will get the exam results required for the course and university they chose. Others' grades will be higher than what they hoped for. A few of them … [Read more...]

Stay Employed with a Postgraduate Degree on Cyber Security

Have you come across an “ethical hacking course?”  No, it isn’t the new oxymoron.  It is Lancaster University’s cyber security programme offered alongside other institutions, like De Montfort University (DMU) and Royal Holloway University of London. The ethical hacking course programme provides a … [Read more...]

Offsetting the Decline in Foreign Student Entrants

The recent HEFCE findings saw a cause for universities to be crestfallen.  After thirty years of steady climb, the UK institutions witnessed its first ever decline in foreign student entrants.  The decline, which is creating issues in universities’ funds, is bad news. The good news is that … [Read more...]

Getting hired: Same old graduate dilemma

Obtaining the right skill to boost the graduate’s employment prospects seemed not to be apt at university. Employers continue to lament over the emerging graduates’ gap in skill; yet, they fail to perform their part of the deal. Available job internships can’t provide a proper fix. Experts … [Read more...]

When Career Starts Before Graduation

A job, a decent job – these are catchy phrases nowadays.  Students who haven’t graduated yet, but are approaching their final year are restlessly considering their employment options.  Concerns continue to rock their consciousness: “Do I have the skills, the qualifications?” Fortunately, students … [Read more...]

Pay Expectations: When female grads ‘undervalue themselves’

Gender gap is persistent in ruining the aspirations of the education and employment sectors.  This week’s featured victims are quoted as continually "undervaluing themselves” or are "less ambitious" in their career paths. The victims consist of female graduates – who just like their male … [Read more...]

Underemployment Trend: the Plight of UK’s Graduates

Figures that make up the latest labour market data represent two sides of a coin. The first sounded like a happy tale: there’s the increase of employment digits and the decrease in unemployment and youth unemployment rates. The other side is dismal, particularly for UK’s new graduates. … [Read more...]