Competition Awards Unconditional Admission Offer

A contest could be the unique route of an aspiring student to admission into university. The winner of an advertising contest will be offered a completely unconditional slot by Falmouth University in its BA in creative advertising. The university aims to attract more talents to the course and make … [Read more...]

Stay Employed with a Postgraduate Degree on Cyber Security

Have you come across an “ethical hacking course?”  No, it isn’t the new oxymoron.  It is Lancaster University’s cyber security programme offered alongside other institutions, like De Montfort University (DMU) and Royal Holloway University of London. The ethical hacking course programme provides a … [Read more...]

How the US Economy Took-In Out-of-College Workers

The declining college numbers is proving to be a global phenomenon. Despite ranking top in the world’s higher education, the US student population is following a downside dip. The percentage of high school graduates opting to enter college decreased. According to the latest government data, … [Read more...]

Nigel Carrington on Creativity and Economic Success

“The creative and cultural industries make up the second largest, and fastest growing, sector of the UK economy, worth £8 million per hour and accounting for 5.6% of jobs.” This is the heart of Nigel Carrington’s reply to the recent recommendation released by the Confederation of British Industry … [Read more...]

Getting hired: Same old graduate dilemma

Obtaining the right skill to boost the graduate’s employment prospects seemed not to be apt at university. Employers continue to lament over the emerging graduates’ gap in skill; yet, they fail to perform their part of the deal. Available job internships can’t provide a proper fix. Experts … [Read more...]

Answering to the Space Industry’s Demand

The UK space sector is in dire need of highly skilled scientists and engineers.  The demand hasn’t seen any stopping in its growth.  In fact, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills forecasted a very appealing growth trend, marked at present up to year 2030. Unfortunately, the UK space … [Read more...]