Shoppers Across the UK Spend £4.3 Billion on Boxing Day

Brits still had a lot more money left to spend for Boxing Day as a total of £4.3 Billion has been reportedly spent during this day. Footfall shopping has been less this year, meaning there were less lines in the shopping centres, as bargain hunters chose to stay home and opt for online shopping. … [Read more...]

Facebook Admits Social Media Bad for Mental Health

Facebook is undoubtedly the largest social media platform in the world, getting billions of people hooked and spending countless hours on computers and mobile devices. How would you feel if the social network giant itself admits that the use of social media can indeed be detrimental to users’ mental … [Read more...]

Using Your Revision Week Wisely for Autumn Final Exams

Some universities have started their revision week in preparation for their autumn finals. The first semester for Academic Year 2017-2018 is almost over. Now all you have to do is pass your final exams and you’re set to enjoy your Christmas break. Better said than done, right? We at Essay Writer … [Read more...]

Eid Milad ul-Nabi: Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday

Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, which Muslims refer as Eid Milad ul-Nabi or Malwid is commemorated on the third month in the Islamic calendar or Rabi’ al-wwal. The exact date of the celebrations varies among scholars but most Muslims celebrate on 1st December this year, with festivities having started … [Read more...]

Factors for Higher Salaries After Graduation in the UK

Are you among the students obtaining their diplomas this Winter graduation? Are you now ready to join the work force? Fresh graduates do experience a lot of challenges before they land their first job. Realistically speaking, newbies do not get higher pays like tenured ones but did you know that … [Read more...]

NHS Turns to Technology for Obesity and Diabetes 2 Prevention

The National Health Service (NSH) is finding ways to minimise risks of diabetes 2, a serious yet preventable disease. Last year, the NHS launched Healthier You, a diabetes prevention initiative to help high-risk patients delay or stop the onset of type 2 diabetes. This year, the agency has recently … [Read more...]

UK and Canada Spearhead Global Alliance to End Use of Coal

With coal plants being a top cause of global warming, the UK and Canada have recently launched a world alliance composed of 20 countries to eliminate the use of coal. France, Mexico and Finland, among other countries, vow to phase out coal for power manufacturing before 2030. The leaders of the … [Read more...]

Remembrance Day 2017: Honouring the Fallen Soldiers

A two-minute silence will once again be offered on the 11th hour of the 11th day in the 11th month. Every child is taught in school the significance of paying tribute to those who fought for freedom. Through Remembrance Day, also referred as Armistice Day, we pay respects to all heroes who fought … [Read more...]