British Universities Offer Refuge to Syrian Academics

Universities in the United Kingdom are welcoming academics who are fleeing from war-torn Syria. This is reminiscent of the time when British institutions housed Jewish scholars escaping Nazi Germany in the 1930s. Christ Church, Oxford specifically took German physicist Albert Einstein into its care. … [Read more...]

What to Know About University from the Start

“How was I to know?!” “Nobody ever told me!” You would not want say these words when you become a part of the job market and the greater society in life after you graduate or, worse, if you do not and drop out of university. Those are words of regret that you will say looking back at the university … [Read more...]

Tips to Help You Prepare to Apply for Oxbridge

The deadline for applications to the University of Cambridge and University of Oxford is yet on 15 October. It is still three months away and yet you are here trying to know more about how to prepare for it. If you want to apply to these Oxbridge universities, you are on the right track. Yes, it is … [Read more...]

Extremist Views: Total Ban or Deal With in the University?

Should the government totally ban the discussion of extremist views at university or allow it with the necessary controls and monitoring? Government ministers are now debating over the matter following the claims made that the Islamic State extremist known as 'Jihadi John,' real name Mohammed … [Read more...]

University Rankings on Free Speech: Censorship May Impede Learning

There is a new league table that ranks the universities' practices relating to freedom of speech. It is the Free Speech University Rankings or FSUR which is a first of its kind. It is an eye opener to the real state of the freedom of speech and intellectual debate in higher education. From the looks … [Read more...]

What Students Say They Need from the Government

What do students need from the government in 2015? Authorities, experts, higher education sector insiders and pundits can give their opinions. Even politicians will! But the politicians are the ones who really need to know what really students need from the government. They are the ones who will be … [Read more...]

Student Vote Could Tilt the Balance of Power at 2015 General Election

Labour can seize power come next year’s tight elections if it can win around 10 seats. These seats can be won through student voters. And to win the student vote, Labour may need to promise to sincerely and effectively pursue a policy lowering tuition fees to £6,000 as the student vote also shown … [Read more...]

Leeds Aims to Get 250 New Academics to Solve Global Problems

Starting 1 October, the University of Leeds will be recruiting 250 early career researchers as academic staff and teach using innovative research-led means. The university wants to enhance its interdisciplinary research and teaching and has earmarked £100m to recruit “250 great minds” over the next … [Read more...]

UK Education System: Efficient Rather Than Effective

The education system of the United Kingdom is cost-efficient but not very effective. Compared with that of other countries, the UK system churns out good value in exchange of the money the government pour in it. However, the results of the education – or the performance of pupils – is not that good … [Read more...]

Competition Awards Unconditional Admission Offer

A contest could be the unique route of an aspiring student to admission into university. The winner of an advertising contest will be offered a completely unconditional slot by Falmouth University in its BA in creative advertising. The university aims to attract more talents to the course and make … [Read more...]